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Joanna loves working with children and has been teaching cello lessons for over 20 years.  While living in Hawaii, from 2007-2015, Joanna had a large private cello studio of over 35 students and lead the orchestra programs at Hanahau'oli School and Lanikai Elementary.  Joanna's cello students have gone on to major in music and receive scholarships at major Conservatories and Universities all over the United States.


Growing up as a Suzuki student herself, from age 3, Joanna is very passionate about the Suzuki method for her beginner and young students. Joanna has received various Suzuki training over the years and is currently taking a comprehensive Suzuki training of all 10 books with Pamela Devenport at the New York School for Strings.  She is very inspired to grow her Suzuki studio here in San Diego and is currently offering cello lessons online and in person at her home studio.


For older students, Joanna uses a more traditional approach of teaching, using scales, etudes and the traditional cello repertoire. Students beginning with Suzuki will also learn how to read music, play scales and build technique with supplemental materials. 

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